Our Vision

With the pioneering asspiration, ADT strives to become the leading company in Vietnam and Southeast Assia in applying Visual Content and New Technology for interactive Media.


We apply the latest technology in the world to create an optimal and unique solution for business, and deliver special experiences for our customers.

We focus on developing 3 core elements:

  • Technology and software services related to: Interactive Advertising, Virtual Reality, 3D, 360, Website, Mobile App, Animation. ADT focuses on developing and reinvesting in the latest technologies according to the development trend of the world. We implementing firmly, appropriately and in accordance with national development plan, with additional investment from our other resources;
  • We investment in hardware development including touch screens for advertising, with cloud management system, large-scale deployment according to the standards and quality of the developed countries in the region and the world. We apply advertising sales methods, provide modern data to maximize the value of our touch screen products in the domestic market. Thus, we contribute to the development thinking and labor force in the field of manufacturing touch screens, apply them in shopping mall, resorts, schools,... with high economic efficiency and popular applications in Vietnam;
  • We develope human resource training in technology, 3D design, with high level, international qualification. ADT owns the network of output enterprises for students, related to the trained expertise, to deliver the best values of human resources to the market and businesses on the basis of High level skill, to enhance brand value and develop sustainable interactive technology industry.