Digitize 360° from Actual Space

With the actual space, such as: Model house, Showroom, Restaurant, Hotel, Resort, … ADT will digitize 360 ° space by using 3D scanner to rebuild the entire area, with a period of 2-3 days for 1 project. Viewers can experience, walk around, rotate the view, touch objects in 360 ° space right on Businesses’ Website, Fanpage..


Digitize 360° without Actual Space

For projects that have not been built yet, but only designed, ADT will develop the entire 3D modeling from the project’s design, using a powerful computer system to extract virtual 360° space, giving viewers a realistic feel, as if standing in the actual space from future.


ADT is one of the first international company to implement 8K quality videos on Youtube.

Goolge Map Tour

ADT is Matterport's official partner in Vietnam ensuring the best quality for every space.


Flamingo Villa 2 360x230
Cgv Momo 360x230
Vpbank Iz 360x230
Novotel Halong2 360x230
Pho Co HA 360x230
Trien Lam Hn Studio 360x230
Nui Bai Tho 3 359x230
Den Ngocson2 360x230
Hoang Thanh2 360x230
Hang Sung Sot 2 359x230
Lang Cf TN 358x230
Tphcm 360x230
Thum Cau Tinh Yeu 360x230
Truong Ams Cu 4 360x230
Nha May Theo 360x230
Mer S500 360x230
Coffee House 2 360x230
Di Qua Cuoc Chien 2 360x230
Up Vpbank 360x230
Topas Sapa2
Sun World Halong3 360x230
Showroom Familufa New 360x230
Nha Co TK 360x230
Ngu Hanh Son 2 360x230
Longviet 2 Homestay 359x230
Ho Lak 2 358x230
Dong Quan Am New 359x230
Tau Oasis2 360x230
Paos Sapa2 360x230
Chua Linh Ung 2 359x230